Louisiana High School’s Tuesday, Jan. 28 swim meet against Fort Zumwalt South High School resulted in two first place finishes for Louisiana’s Shayla Hopkins.

Hopkins came first in the 100-meter freestyle (1:11.77), a improvement of 1.05 seconds over her previous personal best. She came in first in the 100-meter breast stroke (1:31.60).

In his comments on the meet, Coach Joe MacLaughlin also emphasized Tegan Carrington’s result in the 100-meter free-style, where she improved her personal best by a remarkable 20.05 seconds (1:33.04).

Carrington came second in the 100-meter breast stroke (1:47.71).

Louisiana’s 200-meter medley relay team — consisting of Krimson Lee, Tegan Carrington, Shayla Hopkins and Mary Price — improved 1.82 seconds over their next best performance.

In other competitions, Lee came in third in the 100-meter back stroke (1:48.88) and fourth in the 50-meter freestyle (40.41). Price came third in the 50-meter freestyle (39.93).

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