Louisiana’s squad on the day. Hunter Hobbs is standing.  Sitting left to right are Rachel Beard, Brandy Farmer, Evan Jones and Bryan Renner.

Louisiana’s squad on the day. Hunter Hobbs is standing.  Sitting left to right are Rachel Beard, Brandy Farmer, Evan Jones and Bryan Renner.

Louisiana and Clopton quiz bowl met again last week, a match-up that saw a happier result for the Hawks.

Louisiana beat Clopton when the teams met at the first EMO conference quad of the season at Clopton, defeating the home team 410-330.

On Tuesday, Jan. 28 Louisiana’s varsity team competed in their 2nd EMO Conference Quad at Bowling Green High School.  

The Bulldogs fell to Montgomery County by a score of 230-430, beat Bowling Green 360-190, and lost to Clopton in a very close match which ended with Louisiana 270 to Clopton 280.  Junior Rachel Beard led the Bulldogs in scoring with 14 toss-ups, followed by Brandy Farmer and Evan Jones with 6 toss-ups apiece, and Bryan Renner with one toss-up.  The team scored 590 bonus points.

In addition to their win over Louisiana, Clopton beat Montgomery 400-220 and Bowling Green 320-240.

On Clopton’s team, Dylan Smith led in scoring with 210 points, followed by Avery Hall and Kasey Leake with 60 each and Karie Leake with ten.

Louisiana’s Junior Varsity team also competed in the EMO Quad and were 2-0 with wins against Bowling Green by a score of 180-110 and Montgomery County with a score of 160-10.   Hunter Hobbs led the JV team with 12 toss-ups, followed by Samantha Kilby with 2 tossups and Jerry Perez with one tossup.  The JV scored 170 bonus points.

The Louisiana High School Quizbowl team traveled to Hallsville, Mo. on Jan. 25 to compete in the Hallsville Invitational Tournamament VIII.  The team of Brandy Farmer, Rachel Beard, Hunter Hobbs, Evan Jones and Bryan Renner ended up with 5 wins and 4 losses on the day.  Team Captain Brandy Farmer placed 10th overall individually with 44.44 points per game.  Brandy answered 31 regular tossups and six “power” tossups.  A “power” is when a player answers the question very early and thus earns 15 points instead of the regular ten points for a tossup.  Rachel Beard answered 28 tossups and two powers, Bryan Renner answered ten tossups and one power, Evan Jones answered five tossups and one power, and Hunter Hobbs answered one tossup.  The team worked together to score 1,160 bonus points.  

The Louisiana Quizbowl team will be in action again on Saturday, Feb. 8 at the Palmyra Academic Winter Showdown (PAWS).  Their next EMO Conference event is on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at Elsberry High School where they will face Elsberry, Silex, and Wright City. 

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