Boys Cross Country

GANS CREEK—The Bowling Green boys track team placed first in the Gans Creek Classic Saturday, Sept. 28.

In the 5,000 meters boys varsity White Division the Bowling Green boys placed first, second, third, fourth and fifth.

No. 13. Colton Hearn ran it in 18:07; No. 27 Cody Wilkinson ran it in 18:43; No. 35 Trenton Griffith ran it in 18:56; No. 38 Evan Meyer ran it in 19:02; No. 48 Ben Walker ran it in 19:20.

Also running in the race were No. 58 Jose Soto 19:43; No. 66 Jackson Hughes, 19:59; No. 68 Hayden White, 20:00; No. 88 Levi Summers, 20:21; No. 110 Phillip Byram, 20:46.

In the 5,000 Meters Varsity Girls Blue Division, the women placed eighth in the meet.

No. 33 Meghan Kniess, 21:33; No. 99 Camryn Grote, 23:28; No. 127, Sylvia Wagner, 24:13; No. 142 Bailee Kent, 24:37; No. 150 Kasie Orf, 24:57; No. 170 Abbie Waddell, 26:07; No. 187 Kelley Lewis, 27:19; No. 202 Larissa Gamm, 31:29.

Bowling Green.

“This was a very good meet for the entire boys team. We were very determined to run at a high level and we felt we could compete with all 42 teams in our division. It’s going to be an exciting next 5 weeks for the boys team,” said coach Matt Chance.

“All eight girls that competed ran faster than their first meet. As we continue to compete over the next three weeks, I believe we will continue to run faster. We also have some injuries right now because we held out our No. 1, 5, and 6 runners from Mexico.”

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