LOUISIANA – The Bulldogs struggled their first time out under the Friday night lights this season, failing to put up a point against the Mark Twain High School Tigers last Friday, Aug. 30.

The Tigers won 26-0 — but for much of the night, the game seemed salvageable: for the first three quarters, the Tigers were kept to a single touchdown.

“Friday’s game was a disappointment for us because we felt that we matched up with Mark Twain fairly evenly, and it was a 6-0 game until the fourth quarter. Our defense held them in check for the most part, but we just couldn’t seem to make that one play, on either side of the ball, to swing the momentum in our favor,” Louisiana Head Coach Joe Calhoun said in an interview with the Louisiana Press-Journal.

A touchdown and a failed kick for an extra point left Mark Twain up 6-0 at the end of the first quarter.

The Bulldogs held themselves harmless in the second and third quarter, tangling with the Tigers up and down the field.

The dam broke in the fourth quarter, as a series of three touch-downs drew out Mark Twain’s advantage. All three of those touch-downs were scored by one Mark Twain player, running back Avery Epperson.

Louisiana is set to play at home against the Van-Far/Community R-VI team this Friday, Sept. 6 at home. The game starts at 7 p.m. The Indians lost their first game of the season 21-0 to Principia School of St. Louis.

Calhoun told the Louisiana Press-Journal he had a sense of what the team needed to do to achieve a better result this Friday.

“We turned the ball over too many times and needed to execute much better offensively, but we know what needs to be fixed and that’s what we will be working on this week. We have Van-Far this week at home and we look forward to improving this week so that we can perform at our highest level on Friday night,” Calhoun said.

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