LOUISIANA – Losses to Highland and Van Far last week brought Louisiana boys basketball team’s record to 0-3.

“Right now in the season we are trying to figure out our best lineups. We are pretty inconsistent with the way we are playing,” Head Coach Matt Smith said about the start of the team’s season.

“[The team was] down 12 at half and end up losing pretty bad, so right now we are just trying to put together quarters. So far throughout the season we have turned the ball over a lot and gave up a ton of offensive rebounds — which all comes back to our toughness,” Smith said.

During Thursday’s game against Van Far the visiting team took an early lead, a strong third quarter, in which Louisiana outscored them 11-7,  In the end, Van Far won 60-30.

Remington Feldewerth was the leading scorer for Louisiana with seven points, followed by Mason Washington with six points and Tramaine Chatman with five points.

Earlier that week Louisiana was matched in an away game against Highland. Feldewerth was again the team’s leading scorer, putting up 15, ahead of Chatman with 9.

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