Football flag fund donation

Rally Round the Flag: Senior Dalton Gloe hands a check to Bob Ringhausen.

LOUISIANA – For more than a decade, the efforts and generosity of private citizens have maintained the flags in public places, from modest ones flying in city parks to the huge flag that serves as the focal point of Louisiana’s riverfront. Together, these efforts can be costly — more than $500 to replace the large riverfront flag, and roughly $1,500 to $2,000 each year overall, Louisiana American Flag Perpetual Care Fund charter member Bob Ringhausen estimated.

The funded was seeded with the city’s budget for flag upkeep when the private flag fund took over the city’s role looking after flags. Since then, aside from help from the city’s bucket truck and rope to hoist the flag, Ringhausen said, the fund has been independent.

“It has grown over the years, and we’ve never asked the city for anything,” Ringhausen said.

The efforts of Louisiana’s football team contributed to that upkeep Friday, when team members turned over a check for $300 to Ringhausen.

The money represented a dollar for each player that showed up for each football open gym over the course of the off-season. The money was donated by Kelly Henderson.

Donations to the Louisiana flag fund are tax deductible. Ringhausen can be reached by phone at 314-308-3454.

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