Catching the quaterback

It was a game of defense for both teams. The Bobcat quarterback is caught from behind by a Panther during a quarterback keeper play. Photo by Stan Schwartz

BOWLING GREEN—It was a defensive game through most of the night. The Bowling Green Bobcats and the Palmyra Panthers worked over the other team’s offensive during the first quarter—to the point it looked as though the game might remain scoreless.

Time after time the Bobcat defense stopped the Panthers cold at the line of scrimmage or punched holes through the offensive line and took down the Palmyra player in the backfield. More often than not, each side ended up turning over the ball on downs.

Occasionally, they would punt, but the majority of the time, runners would run into a solid wall of defenders, or get caught from behind shortly after getting the handoff from the quarterback.

Palmyra had first possession of the ball, but could make little headway against the Bobcat defense. They forced a turnover on downs, putting the Bobcats in good position in Panther territory. But the Panther defense proved just as formidable, stopping the running game. An early 5-yard gain by No. 33 Charlie Bowen was brought back on the next play by a false start penalty.

A quarterback keeper by No. 4 Dylan Dalton, put the Bobcats just on yard from a first down at the end of their first series of plays. They punched through to get the first, moving them even closer to the Panther goal line. But the Panther defense solidified, and eventually forced a turnover on downs against the Bobcats.

The first quarter ended with the score tied, zero to zero.

It wasn’t until half way through the second quarter that Palmyra was able to score against the Bobcats. With the extra point, the score was 7-0.

There were times the Bobcats were plagued by bad snaps or false starts. But Palmyra had its own problems. A coupe of fumbles recovered by the Bobcats looked to put Bowling Green in striking distance of the goal line, but the offense could not capitalize on those Panther missteps.

The half ended with the Panthers still in the lead, 7-0. More than half-way through the third quarter, after an extended drive down field, Palmyra was able to get the ball into the Bobcat end zone again, bringing the score to 13-0 after the kick for the extra point went wide.

There were a few times the Bobcats got close to the Panther goal line, only to be thwarted by the Palmyra defense or hampered by a penalty. In last week’s game, Bowen was able to make some headway against the Oak Grove defense. But it looked as though Palmyra had one or two players tasked with halting Bowen no matter which way he ran the ball.

When the whistle blew ending the first half of the game, Palmyra the score had not changed, with the Panthers still in the lead—13-0.

A tough battle through the fourth quarter had Bowling Green making some headway down the field, only to be brought up short of the first down.

The non-conference game ended with the Panthers still in the lead.

Head coach Joe Chinn acknowledged the team on how hard they played. He told them to keep their heads in the game because they were going up against Montgomery City this coming Friday at Bowling Green. And this will be a conference game.

“I thought our kids played really hard,” said head coach Joe Chinn. “It was a defensive battle on both sides. I was really proud of how physical and the effort our kids played with. We have some things we need to correct before heading into conference.”

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