LOUISIANA – It couldn’t last forever.

But Louisiana’s strong start in their Friday, Feb. 7, game against Wellsville-Middletown set them on the path to a 56-33 courtwarming night win.

Louisiana shut out the Tigers for almost the first six minutes of the game, putting up a dozen points before Wellsville-Middletown managed to put a three-pointer on the board.

Louisiana ended the quarter ahead 20-7. Middletown only managed to even match Louisiana point for point in the second quarter, when both teams scored nine each.

Over the course of the game sophomore Traimain Chatman and senior Remington Feldewerth led the team offensively with 14 points each, followed closely by sophomore Mason Washington with 12. Sophomore Ryan Capps scored eight, and senior Tyler Pederson and sophomore Angel Ulloa had four each.

Washington went three-for-three from beyond the three-point line. Chatman recorded six assists.

Washington also led the team with seven rebounds, followed by Feldewerth with six and Chatman with five.

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