LOUISIANA – An at-first tight contest with Schuyler County slipped away from the Louisiana Bulldogs, ending in an unambiguous defeat for the hometown team.

The game started on a happy note, with Louisiana’s Cody Love returning the kickoff to the Schuyler County 2. Devin Cropp then brought the ball across the line.

That lead shrunk and grew again across the first half. A successful Schuyler County drive followed by a failed conversion left the team 8-6 with about 2:30 left in the first quarter.

An interception by Jordan Luck later in the quarter brought the ball to first and goal. A hand-off to Devin Cropp accomplished another touchdown. With a failed conversion, Louisiana ended the quarter ahead 14-6.

Schuyler County caught up in the second quarter. Actually, it caught up twice, tying first with a touchdown and conversion around the 7:30 mark.

Louisiana recovered the lead with another touchdown by Devin Cropp. But that lead would slip away again due to a Ram touchdown, and it would prove to be Louisiana’s last.

In the second half Schuyler County took its ultimately commanding lead. Schuyler County made one touchdown in the third quarter and three touchdowns in the fourth left the game 50-20 as the final buzzer sounded.

Louisiana Head Coach Joe Calhoun had predicted a close contest — and the first half of Friday night’s game suggested a win really was in Louisiana’s reach.

“We had an opportunity and couldn’t capitalize on it. We did some positive things offensively but defensively we didn’t play aggressive enough and it obviously showed on the scoreboard,” Calhoun said of Friday’s game.

“We’re going to need to toughen up to compete in the second half of the season,” Calhoun added.

Louisiana plays its homecoming game Friday, Oct. 4 against the Dupo Tigers of Dupo, Ill. The Metro East team is 1-4 for the season.

“They are a physical, competitive team, so we will need to step our game up,” Calhoun said about his team’s prospects.

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