CLOPTON – A roaring student section greeted Clopton’s teams throughout last week’s tournament. Ultimately, The school’s hometown heroes were unable to get past Monroe City, which won the girls tournament championship with a margin of more than 20 points.

In semi-final play, Clopton was matched up against Elsberry. The Hawks beat the Indians 35-24.

Over the course of that game, junior Caragan Lockard scored 14, followed by junior Taylor Akers (10), junior Megan Harrelson (8) and junior Logan Hall (3).

Clopton struggled out of the gate, putting up only four points in the first quarter but picking up the paces subsequently. Elsberry, meanwhile, demonstrated a stolid consistency, putting up six points each quarter.

Lockard was called on to do even more against Monroe City, leading both teams in scoring with 20 points. Akers scored 11, followed by Harrelson (7) and freshman Shana Yates (3).

Monroe City built up their lead in the first quarter, outscoring Clopton 17 to 10 — and though Clopton trailed slightly in scoring in the second and third quarter, they never managed to draw any closer. Monroe City won 62-41.

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