MENDON, ILL. – A trip to Illinois brought victory for the Clopton Hawks last week, when they beat Unity Mendon 51-31.

Head coach Tony Francis characterized the game as “a challenge from the beginning.”

“A true road game in a small gym, against a tough, disciplined team, and you’re already down 10 points before first tip. As a coach, you look forward to placing your team in these types of situations because that’s how you develop the resiliency needed to find success in the post-season,” Francis said.

Zakk Eivens led the team with 15 points, followed by Maleek McPike with 13 and Shawn Yates with 11. Daniel Harvey had four assists and Kennon Watts had four blocks.

“We started off very strong, but let off midway through the first half. This is typical of a team that is still learning the responsibility of finding success,” Francis added. “At one point in the second half, I politely challenged the men during a timeout and I was proud of their response. The guys really locked down on the defensive end which led to some nice offensive opportunities that we converted.”

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