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BOWLING GREEN – The Pike County Oats Group held their regular meeting at the High Rise in Bowling Green Wednesday, June 26, with Chair Donna McMahan presiding. The pledge of allegiance and Lord’s Prayer was said by the group. Roll call and minutes were given by the Secretary. The treasurer report was given. Happy Birthday was sung to Terrance Boudiner and Gracie Wyatt.

The meeting addressed itself to old business: bottles of change gathered for a fundraiser to be turned in at the October meeting. This will be the third fundraiser for the year. Anybody who does not have a bottle and would like to have one, let an OATS member know and they will make it available at next month’s meeting. New business included the annual picnic.

It was decided to hold the picnic at Henderson Park in Louisiana at the monthly meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 25. Fried chicken will be furnished by OATS and everyone should bring a covered dish.After the meeting was adjourned Bingo was played. This was the group’s second fundraiser for the year.July’s meeting will be held at the Pike County Nutrition Center in Louisiana on Wednesday July 24 at 1 p.m.

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