Champ Clark Bridge

RIVER SPAN—Members of the public got a chance to traverse the Mississippi River over the new Champ Clark Bridge Saturday after the ribbon cutting ceremony, dedicating the new bridge. For more about the bridge, see the second section of this issue. Photo by Adam Thorp

The new Champ Clark Bridge opened to traffic a little before 9 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 3.

A replacement for the practically super-annuated old bridge — which opened in 1928 — has been in the works for years. To see more about how the new bridge came to be, and how the accomplishment was celebrated Saturday, see the special section inside this week’s newspaper.

The opening of the new Champ Clark bridge is neither the end of construction related to the project or the end to traffic accross the old bridge.

That’s because the new road system on the Illinois side of the bridge still needs to be tied in to access roads to Two Rivers Marina.

Until that work is done, motorists will use the old Champ Clark to access the marina.

When the old bridge is finally and totally phased out, the project’s exclamation point arrives: the demolition of the old Champ Clark.

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