Drills for Skills

About 50 children participated in this year’s Youth Football Camp. Here, the children line up to catch a tennis ball and then run and jump on to a matt. Photo by Stan Schwartz

By Stan Schwartz


BOWLING GREEN—About 50 children signed up and participated in this year’s Youth Football Camp, held at the Bowling Green R-I facility.

“There are about 30 high school kids helping out,” said assistant coach Joe Chinn. He and the other assistant coaches, Josh Early and Mike Scheibel were assisting head coach Kevin Krietemeyer with the three-day camp.

Chinn is in his fifth year as an assistant coach for Bowling Green High School. Compared to previous years, he said, “This is a good sized turnout” for the youth football camp.

The children are from first grade through sixth grade.

The major goal for the Youth Football Camp is to “have fun,” said Chinn.

“It’s also to get them interested in football,” Scheibel said. “They do a couple of drills, but it’s mostly to have fun; get them off the couch. We want to show them that there is a lot of fun to be had out there, and this is better than video games.”

“We also get them around the high school kids,” Chinn added. “It lets them (the high schoolers) be leaders, too.”

Early said there would be more children showing up as the camp progresses through the three days.

There were six skill stations set up on the field. The children were put into six groups, one group at each station. They worked the various drills that had them catching tennis balls, kicking footballs, running sideways over half round football dummies, hitting blocking shields and then hit a tackling wheel. Krietemeyer kept a close eye on all the groups and made sure everyone took plenty of water breaks.

“We’ll have them do an obstacle course and then play a game with them, like tag,” Chinn said.

As part of the camp, the groups lined up for a relay race. The children had to roll a large tackling wheel to an agility jump, go over that and run to the goal line, do five pushups, then run back over the jumps, get the tackling wheel and roll it to the next person on their relay team.

Next week is the high school summer football camp. It runs all week, and on the last day, there is a full contact game in Quincy.

The last week of July is the middle school youth football camp. It runs for four days, Chinn said.

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