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HEROES—These ladies have their heroes in hand for the upcoming banner promotion in Frankford. Front row from left, Barb Jennings, Sherry Lynn, and Neta Elder. The two Veterans are Marvin Jennings and Harry Elder. Sherry’s husband, Raymond, lost his battle to cancer three years ago. Courtesy photo

FRANKFORD—Three local women want to honor all those veterans who have served the U.S. and either lived or worked in Frankford at some point during their lives.

To do this, they want to create banners with the faces of all these veterans to display along the streets of Frankford during and after the town’s bicentennial this year.

“Countless Frankford area residents have served the U.S. military,” Barb Jennings wrote in a news release about their cause. “These men and women have put their own lives on hold to serve our country, and we are forever grateful for their service.”

In a phone interview, Jennings said she and the other women were partnering with the Frankford Bicentennial Committee and others in the community to organize this tribute to veterans.

Neta Elder, who has been working with a printer on the banners, said they would each be 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall and be printed on both sides. She said she thought by the time the bicentennial arrives, they would have up to 60 banners, which will be displayed from the city’s light polls. The bicentennial celebration will run from Aug. 31 to Sept. 1, but the banners would stay up through Veterans Day.

Any banner that is not displayed on a light poll would be displayed at Frankford City Park during the same time period.

“We are honoring all those who have had or now has a Frankford address, or who have attended a Frankford school, and who have served in the military at some point in their lives,” Jennings said.

Even if the veteran is no longer alive, Jennings said, they are asking the families of those veterans to share the photos.

“Some people may be hesitant about sharing their photo with us,” she said. To alleviate that worry, the women are setting up appointments where they can scan the photo and return it right away to the family.

“The whole process should take less than 20 minutes,” Jennings said, including signing a photo release. “We need to scan the photos. The printer cannot use low-resolution photos on the banners. Scanning them would insure the high resolution needed.”

There is a cost involved in this, Jennings added. They are asking $35 for each photo that they scan to cover the production of the banners. She said they could take payment at the time of the scan.

“It is our sincere hope that the streets of Frankford would be lined with the faces of our community’s heroes,” she said. Jennings can be reached at 573-213-9030. Neta Elder can be reached at 573-795-3388, or Sherry Lynn can be reached at 573-406-4245.

Frankford has been hosting fundraisers to help offset the costs of putting on the town’s bicentennial. Jennings said this past weekend, they had a charity fried chicken dinner.

“We ordered 350 pieces of chicken, and ran out and had to go get more,” Jennings said. “It was wonderful that so many people came out to support us.”

She added that she, Neta and Sherry would be going door-to-door if necessary to find those who also want to honor Frankford’s veterans.

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