Citizen of the Year

PCHD Administrator Rhonda Stumbaugh, left, receives the Bowling Green Citizen of the Year Award from Bowling Green Times Publisher Jim Hart. Photo by Stan Schwartz

Rhonda Stumbaugh, administrator for the Pike County Health Department and Home Health and Hospice, was recently named Citizen of the Year for Bowling Green.

Nominations for the award were listed in the Bowling Green Times and a survey was listed online for those who wanted to nominate a local person for this prestigious award. Originally, the award would have been presented at the Annual Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet. This year’s banquet was canceled because of the pandemic. The Chamber did not want to risk the health of community members by holding the banquet while COVID-19 infection rates were still high.

Among the awards were presented at individual venues are the Outstanding Chamber Member of the Year, Friend of the Chamber Award, and the Citizen of the Year.

Since 1975, the Citizen of the Year Award has been sponsored by the Bowling Green Times.

The award was created to “celebrate the champions and advocates for the City of Bowling Green, those who have established and managed successful businesses, spent their lives as public servants enriched the minds of our community’s youth buy being educators, and overwhelmingly improving he lives of those around them.”

In her nomination for Stumbaugh, Tracy Brookshier wrote: “She (Rhonda) has been dedicated to the health of our community for literally decades. She has served as public health nurse, coordinator and now administrator for the Pike County Health Department. Especially now, during COVID she has gone above and beyond to ensure she is helping our agency make the right decisions to keep everyone safe in our county.”

Brookshier also noted that Rhonda, in addition to the her work at PCHD, has served on many coalitions and committees over the years “to ensure the health and safety of our county. In addition, she is an avid churchgoer with much faith, and is an overall selfless person. Her compassion shines through, most definitely.”

Presenting the award to Rhonda was Jim Hart, publisher of the Bowling Green Times. He said, “After extensive ballot checking, you were voted Citizen of the Year by the people of Bowling Green. On behalf of the Bowling Green Times and the Chamber of Commerce, congratulations.”

“I’m very honored and humbled for this,” Stumbaugh said. “I do thank my staff, so much. We’ve been through a lot this past year. But now it’s 2021, so it’s going to be a good year. It was my faith and my awesome staff that got me through last year. I could not have done it without them.”

In addition to the Citizen of the Year Award, Rhonda accepted the first place award from the Chamber of Commerce for best non-profit and first place for the biggest community supporter.

Chamber Executive Director Sarrah Gigous presented to award to Rhonda.

“We appreciate everything that you guys do,” Gigous said. “And the community appreciates everything you do, too.”

Throughout Thursday and Friday last week, members of the Chamber of Commerce went around the community presenting the awards to the various individuals and businesses that won the awards. For a complete list of winners, see the article by Karen Arico.

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