Pole installation

Four members from Bowling Green’s Rotary Club work to place poles in planters at the plot of land behind the Court Annex building along S. Court Street. From left to right are Frank Berlin, Nellie Wamsley, Kevin Brown and Jim Moore. Photo by Stan Schwartz

BOWLING GREEN—When Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce President Tracy Brookshier stood before the weekly meeting of the Bowling Green Rotary Club last week, she asked for a little help on a project that has been months in the making. The Rotary motto is “service above self,” and with that she had the volunteers she needed.

The Downtown Revitalization Committee has been working to improve the look of downtown Bowling Green in order to bring in more foot traffic and thus drawing more businesses back to the center of town. Part of the beautification process has been developing the property behind the Court Annex adjacent to S. Court Street.

One of the projects Brookshier and her committee decided on was placing planters downtown. In those planters would be placed polls to hold banners on one side and hanging flower baskets on the other.

This was multi-step process. First the planters had to be made. According to Brookshier, “Bleigh Ready Mix made and donated the planters. 3B Machine and Weld made and donated the concrete form for them. Then, Bleigh, Perkins Electric, River City Towing and Ed Kerns Construction all had hands in getting them hauled and moved into place.” It took a few months because of the pandemic to get all the concrete planters where they needed to be. Once there, Brookshier asked the local Rotary club for help.

The Rotary members were slated to start installation of the polls on Saturday, but a steady downpour and the possible threat of lightning forced them to postpone until Sunday afternoon. Frank Berlin was first on the scene pulling a trash bag around to the planters. People had been using some of them as trash cans and he filled the bag.

Berlin, Kevin Brown, Nellie Wamsley and Jim Moore got to work getting the polls in place. But as luck would have it, the concrete anchors they had were the wrong size for the holes on the polls.

Brookshire noted, “We paid to have the poles made by 3B Machine and Weld. And we have a gift certificate to Prairie’s Edge Garden Center for the flowers, which will eventually go in the planters and the hanging baskets. The poles and certificate were funded by a grant we received from the Bowling Green rotary club.”

In addition to this, Brookshier said, “We have all planters sponsored (matching banners with their logos on them) that will go on the posts when we’re done. The sponsors paid for a 4-year deal, which helped us in much of the up front costs, as well. You can see an image of the banners on chamber website—area information, downtown.”

The Rotary members decided to regroup and return on Monday to complete the job. And they did, working quickly to get the polls in place and anchored correctly. Nellie could not make it back for the second day, but her husband, Willard, showed up to lend a hand to the task.

Now that the polls are in place, Brookshier still needs volunteers to help fill the planters with rock and soil, so they are ready for the flowers to come. If you would like to volunteer, the group will be meeting Sunday at 1 p.m. Contact Brookshier at TBrookshier@pikecountyhealth.org to let her know your availability.

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