On Tuesday, May 19, 2020, at approximately 5:44 p.m., the Pike County Central Dispatch received a call from a motorist who reported that while he was traveling southbound near Bowling Green, a gold/copper colored vehicle displaying a light on the side of the vehicle (possibly a spotlight) and flashing lights in the grill signaled him to pull over.

The motorist pulled to the shoulder followed by the vehicle. After he stopped, three people got out of the car—two white males and a white female—carrying baseball bats. When they started running toward his car, he took off. He reported that they did not come after him.

Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte said his department checked with the adjoining counties to see if they had anything similar reported to them. He also passed on the information they received from the motorist to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

He noted that the Highway Patrol would be going back through its records to see if a similar crime had taken place in the state.

If an unmarked car flashes a red light at you and you are unsure if it is from a legitimate law enforcement officer, there are a few things you can do:

Wait until you get to a busy area (such as a gas station, area of business, or local police station) before pulling over.

Call 911 or 112 to let them know you are being followed by an unmarked police car and that you plan to pull over as soon as you can safely do so. Give the dispatcher the make and model of the vehicle following you, along with the license plate. They will be able to track down of the vehicle is legitimate and if it isn’t they can send for help.

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