Pike County Science Fair

Two people taking in the science exhbits during the Pike County Science Fair, get an education on the power of poop. Photo by Stan Schwartz

BOWLING GREEN—Table after table lined the floor inside the main building at the Pike County Fairground March 10. Each one was filled with science fair exhibits for this year’s Pike County Science Fair.

Forty-nine exhibits from children in grades kindergarten through eighth, participated in three categories—Physical, Earth and Life. For the competition, the grades were divided up by kindergarten through second grade, third grade through fifth grade and sixth grade through eighth grade, said Diana Shaw from BONCL, the school that hosted the fair this year.

It was being held at the Pike County Fairgrounds, she explained, because BONCL does not have an indoor space large enough to accommodate the science fair.

Judging for the competition had been done that morning, and all that remained was the awarding of the ribbons for the top entries by each class group in all three categories.

The children were given from the beginning of January this year to develop their science projects for entry in this competition, she added.

“Some of them do it at home. Some of them do it at school,” she said.

The importance of science fairs was made evident by how much research and effort went into the projects on display in the fairground building. Parents, teachers numerous family members arrived in the afternoon to view the finished projects and to learn who the winners were. Shaw thanked everyone for coming out to support their children or grandchildren in the science fair.

A full list of winners is below:


Kindergarten – second grade for those children given the option of doing a demonstration or experiment.

1st Place Emmet Beadles—Louisiana Elementary School

2nd Place Breanna England—BONCL Elementary School

3rd Place (tie) Allison Watts—BONCL and Karsyn Watts—BONCL


In the category of Life

K-2 (Just one entry)

1st Place Gunner Suddarth—BONCL

Grades third – fifth

1st Place Lanee Ince—BONCL

2nd Place Mackinley Baker—BONCL

3rd Place Cody Aslin—BONCL

Grades sixth – eighth

1st Place  Jillian Booth/Anna Ince—Louisiana

2nd Place Lauren Ince—Louisiana

3rd Place Brylin Stewart—Reagan Bowser, Louisiana

In the category of Earth

K-2 Just one entry

1st Place Josie Waller/Chelsea Bowser—Clopton Elementary School.

Grades third – fifth

1st Place Phoebe Hayden—Clopton Elementary School

2nd Place Carter Spangler—BONCL

3rd Place Bennett  Colbert—Clopton


In the category of Physical


1st Place Jaxtyn Baker—BONCL

2nd Place Luke Grimes—Clopton


Grades third-fifth

1st Place Elyzabeth Icke—BONCL

2nd Place (tie) Macey Jordan—BONCL and Corbin Booth—Louisiana

3rd Place (tie) Luke Aslin and Troy Grote both of BONCL


Grades sixth – eighth

1st Place Ethan Harrison and Cooper Lumley—Louisiana

2nd Place Tommy Black and Dwon Washington—Louisiana

3rd Place Emalec Calvin and Harley Norvell—Louisiana


Top overall in the Life, Earth and Physical categories grades sixth – eighth was Johnny Picone, who received $50.

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