First ridere

BOWLING GREEN—The official start of the Pike County Fair came with clear skies and warm temperatures; perfect for the kickoff rodeo brought to the county fair by Outlaw/J5 Rodeo Co.

The rodeo started out with some fancy pyrotechnics and music designed to inspire and ignite the crowd. As the stands slowly filled with excited spectators the competitors prepared behind the fences.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Outlaw has not scheduled as many rodeos this year. Last year the company hosted 19 rodeos. This year, they have only four scheduled.

The bareback riders came out fast and rode hard followed closely by the calf roping contestants. Below are the final results from the rodeo.

Bareback Riding

1st Place: Maverick Griffin—75 points; $270.00

2nd Place: Job Dunlavey—74 points; $180.00

Calf Roping

1st Place: Paul Shafer—9.8 seconds; $472.50

2nd Place: Colton Swearingen—10.8 seconds; $283.50

3rd Place: Haze Wright—11.3 seconds; $189.00

Over 40 Calf Roping

1st Place: Jeff Loeb—10.9 seconds; $315.00

2nd Place: Shane Wesley—11.2 seconds; $189.00

3rd Place: Tim Kraus—11.4 seconds; $126.00

Breakaway Roping

1st Place: Dani Clover—2.4; $468.00

2nd Place: Breezi Davis—2.6; $292.50

2nd Place: Rylee Gannon—2.6; $292.50

4th Place: Kirbie Crouse—2.7; $117.00

Saddle Bronc Riding 

1st Place: Kody Rinehart—76 points; $270.00

2nd Place: John Allen—65 points; $180.00

Steer Wrestling

1st Place: Dustin Jacobson—4.8; $297.00

2nd Place: Colton Swearingen—4.9; $198.00

Team Roping

1st Place: Dustin Jacobson—4.9; $587.25

Wade Pickerall; $587.25

2nd Place: Cole Smith—5.2; $486.00

Colby Fletcher; $486.00

3rd Place: Luke Fenton—5.3; $384.75

Colby Fletcher; $384.75

4th Place: Jeremy Hemmann—5.5; $232.88

Jason Stroup; $232.88

4th Place: Devin James—5.5; $232.88

Kolby Krieger; $232.88

6th Place: Russ Manion—5.6; $101.25

Terry Durbin; $101.25

Barrel Racing

1st Place: Kylie Brueggeman—14.486; $286.00

2nd Place: Nikki Ervin—14.489; $364.50

3rd Place: Sheyenne Anderson—14.674; $243.00

4th Place: Olivia Peterson—14.770; $121.50

Bull Riding

1st Place: Keith Hall—86; $472.50

2nd Place: Kyle Jones—83.5; $283.50

3rd Place: Buddy Asher—79.5; $189.00

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