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BUSINESS—Kayla Luebrecht stands in front of her new storefront. The expanded space allows her and her staff to provide more services than when they were in their other facility. 

 Expansion allows for pet boarding and training

 BOWLING GREEN—With three dogs of her own, Kala Luebrecht, thought it was a natural fit to open a dog grooming business.

So, in 2012 she started Pawsitively Pampered Pets out of the home she shares with her husband, Jared. But it wasn’t long before they realized the business needed its own space.

Ann Patton, the receptionist and unofficial babysitter, said Jared was so patient about the dogs being groomed at their home, which is close to the Bowling Green City Park. Kala and Jared recently had 

twins, a boy and a girl. They were being watched over by Patton in the office behind the reception area.

“I think he was tired of sharing his bathtub with the dogs,” she said. With three of their own dogs to keep groomed, and then all the others, it was time for a change of venue for pet business. Patton is a six-year employee of Pawsitively Pampered Pets.

“I’ve been with them since they started,” she said.

They moved the business out of their house December 2012. The original shop was good, based right on the city square, she said, but lacked the necessary space they needed for the other services they wanted to offer. 

“We just offered grooming and bathing there,” Kayla said. “If we did eight to nine dogs a day, it was good. And now we do 15 plus a day—one day we did 21.”

“It’s always been like a dream for my husband and I to have boarding, too,” she added. “But we could never find the right building. We knew it had to be here in town.” It took a few years, but when the building at 224 W. Main St. became available, they knew they had the right place. Kayla and Jared are co-owners in the business.

“Everything just fell into place. It was perfect,” she said.

On the day they were supposed to close on the building, the twins decided they, too, needed to make an entrance. It was six weeks before her due date.

“I’m kind of small and just ran out of room for them,” Kayla said, with a big smile as she beamed at Mason and Madelynn in their baby swings. So, on top of getting a new facility up and running, she had to tend to two premature babies.

“It was quite hectic around here,” she added. Kayla had continued to work until her 31st week of pregnancy, and then was put on bed rest.

Now that the twins are three months old, things are a little better. The two, nestled into their own baby swings, drifted in and out of sleep despite the dogs barking at the counter.

All her customers like the new facility—both four-legged and two-legged.

“They’re shocked by how big and nice it is,” Kayla said.

And it is a big building. It boasts two indoor play areas at the front on either side of the reception area, grooming and bathing stations, plus 19 dog rooms in various sizes, depending on the size of the dog or how many are staying in a room. There are also two cat rooms. They come with latticed ceilings so the occupants can’t climb out. The presidential dog suites are 8 foot by 10 foot; there’s also a junior suite size and a standard suite size.

There’s a large storage area at the rear of the facility, which leads out to a large fenced-in play area—120 feet by 60 feet. They planted a few trees, which will eventually provide more shade when they get bigger. Baby pools are also available, which can be filled with water for dogs to play in.

So many of her clients had asked if Kayla could do boarding that having the space to do it made all the difference.

When she was attending the University of Missouri to get her degree in animal science, Kayla said she would put her dog in doggy day care. She didn’t like the idea of leaving him all day by himself. Having the ability to offer day care for cats and dogs was one of her dreams, too.

On the grooming side of the building, there is space where Kayla and Jared can put in more boarding rooms should the need arise.

Eventually, they will offer dog training and day care, now that they’re getting everything up to speed in the new building. Kayla said she had been focusing on the grooming and boarding sides of the business, but will now advertise about the day care and training they will offer.

During the interview, several clients came in for either grooming or to drop off their dogs for boarding. Dogs and cats must be up on all their shots in order to be boarded there. For more information on what Pawsitively Pampered Pets offers, contact them directly at 573-271-9848.

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