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FRANKFORD – An accident outside of Frankford Saturday left two people seriously injured, the State Highway Patrol reported.

The injuries were sustained when a Kawasaki Mule all-terrain vehicle driven by 64-year-old Mark Wiltse of O’Fallon, Mo., overturned, expelling its two occupants.

Mark Wiltse was driving east on a dirt path down a steep hill when the vehicle’s throttle stuck, causing him to loose control. The vehicle careened off of the roadway, hitting an embankment and throwing the passengers out.

The passengers were Stephanie Berry, 50, and Cindy Wiltse, 61, both also of O’Fallon.

They were transported by helicopter to Mercy Hospital in St. Louis.

The crash took place on a rural property off Pike County Road 49, which travels south from Frankford. The vehicle sustained extensive damage.

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