Louisiana votes to keep swim program

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According to meeting notes sent by Louisiana Superintendent Todd Smith, the Louisiana School Board voted unanimously to keep the district’s swim team Monday.

The possibility of shuttering the team was raised at the board’s February meeting, on account of the team’s low enrollment. Supporters suggested that it might grow as students competing in competitive swimming programs at the YMCA matriculated.

Smith reported that several members of the public attended the meeting to speak on behalf of the program, and committed to support it once it was continued.

Other Business

The board will consider the possibility of using a $20,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, which would allow the district to buy a new bus provided it destroys its oldest bus.

The board also considered the 2019-2020 budget, which will have to weigh a variety of factors, including a 6.9 percent increase in individual insurance premiums for the district.

High school teacher and football coach Joe Calhoun led students to Clarksville Saturday to help the city prepare sandbags.

“The District is extremely proud of our staff and students for their participation and contribution to the community’s needs,” Smith wrote.

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