Report explores direction of cash-strapped Louisiana Police Department

Louisiana police responded to nearly 1,000 events in August and early September, according to numbers furnished by the police department.

The 952 calls, traffic stops, patrols and other situations requiring a police response took place between Aug. 1 and Sept. 9. Only a minority resulted in an arrest or even a filed report from the responding officer. The report noted 11 arrests by Louisiana officers in the period covered.

The report was provided by Louisiana Police Chief April Epperson.

Among more serious reports, police fielded 12 calls related to domestic incidents (one resulting in an arrest), one instance of reported fraud or forgery and six reports of assaults (one of which resulted in an arrest).

The department received four reports about controlled substances, none of which resulted in arrests or summons.

Officers made 159 traffic stops, according to the report, which resulted in 69 verbal warnings, 128 summons, five arrests and three impounded vehicles.

Three people were arrested on warrants, according to the report.

Officers oversaw inmates working on work release programs on 12 days in August.

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