Family Pharmacy

Family Pharmacy on Georgia Street was the scene of an incident involving prescription fraud last week. Photo by Stan Schwartz

Suspect flees Louisiana Pharmacy

LOUISIANA—The Louisiana Police Department was alerted by the DEA about an ongoing apparent prescription fraud case in the region.

Chief Will Jones said he learned that a particular doctor’s prescription order number had been compromised, and was being used to order medications from various pharmacies.

Whoever was using the number, he explained, was using it to try and get controlled substances.

“We received information that the pharmacy here had gotten an order from (that prescription number), he said.

Jones said his department set up outside the Family Drug pharmacy on Georgia Street Tuesday, March 23. All the Louisiana PD had was a photo of a possible suspect.

“We didn’t even have a name,” he added. “And we’re working with the DEA on some other individuals who were involved with this physicians ID number. A Pike County Sheriff’s deputy was also working with the Louisiana Police Department as part of a joint investigation.”

Because they did not have an accurate description of the person who was coming to pick up the prescription, Jones said the suspect was able to flee the pharmacy and avoid apprehension. Jones did note that they were able to obtain some video footage of the suspect from the pharmacy.

“All we have right now is the investigation concerning the abuse of a physician’s number to solicit narcotic type controlled substances from area pharmacies,” Jones said.

“We do have some good information that we’ve shared with the DEA,” he added. “Hopefully, we will have something soon.”

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