cops kids and cookies

Ava McQuilty was jailed by Officer Henry Fitzsimons. Photo by Woodrow Polston

Louisiana’s City Hall was buzzing with youngsters on Saturday as the Louisiana Police Department hosted its first “Kids, Cookies and Cops” event. Once the children arrived, they were given gift bags full of goodies and were sent to the upstairs board room where they could color and enjoy all the cookies. But the fun didn’t stop there, as they were also given tours of the police department up on the third floor. Police Chief Christopher Heatherly said that the kids were also going to get to check out the department’s police cars.

“We are letting them look at the police cars after the tour,” said Heatherly. “Police departments across the nation are hosting these events to interact with their communities. My wife thought that this would be a good thing for us to do here in Louisiana as well. We were able to fund the event ourselves and the mayor donated a cooler for drinks, and City Hall opened up the board room for us. We are planning on doing a lot of different events similar to this to engage the public. We are looking forward to doing the ‘Coffee with a Cop’ event and we are also planning to eventually set up some neighborhood watches,” he added.

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