Marvin Brown

Health concerns cited as reason

By Stan Schwartz


LOUISIANA—Mayor Marvin Brown stepped down from his office last week citing health concerns as the reason.

“I have Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and have been in the hospital on oxygen for over two weeks now,” he wrote in an email to the Press-Journal. “Consequently I’m not talking a great deal as my lungs work to clear.”

Brown wanted everyone to know that, “It is not COVID, but it causes me to need to strictly prevent COVID exposure, and the only way to do that is withdraw from any public interactions.”

There were no other deciding factors in him stepping down, he noted. Now, it is up to the Louisiana City Council to select a replacement to fill the rest of his term, about 1½ years.

Brown said he did not have any plans currently on what he’ll be doing in the near future. He did say that he and his wife, Pam, were going to stay put in Louisiana.

Brown was elected mayor in 2018. Before that he had been Louisiana’s Ward II councilman. He qualified as a write-in candidate for the Ward II seat in 2016, but let be known in 2017 that he was going to run for the mayor’s job when he filed as a candidate.

“I was very sad to hear about Mavin’s resignation,” said Ward II Councilwoman Kiffany Ardeneaux, “but I understand completely why he made that decision. His health comes first.”

She noted that Mayor Pro Temp Kathy Smith would be stepping in. The City Council will hold a meeting on Nov. 9 to vote on a permanent person to fill the mayor’s job for the remainder of Brown’s term.

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