Louisiana City Hall

Louisiana City Hall building remains closed to public for the time being. Photo by Stan Schwartz

LOUISIANA—Mayor Marvin Brown said he and his staff would be keeping the building closed.

“We’re going to leave it closed at least until the end of May,” he said. The main reason for this, he added, is because of how narrow the hall are inside. The building is old and not conducive to social distance guidelines because of its narrow hallways. The safety of Louisiana citizens and the staff who work in the building are most important to him.

“If people need to get their license renewed or get their vehicle registered, there’s a phone number on the city website they can call for an appointment,” he said. “That’s been working pretty well, just bringing in one person at a time.”

Also, if anyone has a pressing issue with the water department, he added, there’s a number to call for them, as well.

Other than that, Brown said, they are asking everyone to use the drop box located outside city hall for payments, or people can pay their bills online if necessary.

When he spoke with city hall staff Friday morning, Brown said, they told him they thought things were working pretty well.

“To me, it’s still a good time to be doing the right social distancing stuff,” he said.

He also added that the spouse of the staffer who had contracted COVID-19 has recovered. Brown said everyone in that family was doing well now.

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