Police Chief Jones

Don’t let the mask fool you. New Louisiana Police Chief Will Jones is smiling about being getting the job. Photo by Stan Schwartz

LOUISIANA—During the Louisiana City Council’s meeting Monday night, Louisiana Police Captain Will Jones was selected as the city’s new police chief.

Jones had been filling in as the head of the department since former Police Chief April Epperson resigned Oct. 6.

At that time, Louisiana’s mayor was Marvin Brown. He said that Epperson had turned in a letter of resignation to the City Council, and she was taking a management position with a local company. Jones had recently been promoted to captain, and Brown said the position would allow him to keep the department functioning.

There were only a handful of applicants for the position of police chief, it was reported during the council meeting. Of those who submitted an application for police chief, Jones had been the only local candidate.

City Manager Kelly Henderson wanted to assure everyone that the process of selecting the new police chief followed the same process as the last time the city sought a new police chief.

After interviewing and considering all the candidates, the council decided that Jones would best fit what the aldermen were looking for in a police chief.

Jones, who was on duty at the time at the back of the council room, thanked the council for their vote of confidence.

He said, “It feels good,” to be the new police chief. He has been with the department for about 2½ years, both part time and full time. Before that, he was a state employee. Jones said he also worked with other police departments over the course of his career. He’s worked in Centralia and he’s worked in the county, as well as, a lot of other departments.

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