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Louisiana’s premier annual event is on for this weekend, and organizers have a lot in store.

The Colorfest parade is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. Friday.

The construction currently tying up Georgia Street complicated the process of setting up this year’s Colorfest, including the parade. At one point in the planning process, the Colorfest parade had been shifted from its usual route down Georgia Street to weave around South Carolina. Given the condition of South Carolina, organizers ultimately opted to interrupt construction while Colorfest is ongoing, allowing the parade to return to the town’s main drag.

“The city employees have worked really hard to help keep the parade goers, participants as safe as possible. I couldn’t be more grateful to them and their willingness to help figure this out with me,” Chamber of Commerce Director Kristal Pitzer wrote in response to questions from the Press-Journal.

Pitzer was happy with the turn-out of vendors for this year’s Colorfest — about 15 food vendors and a total of 76 vendors over all. Pitzer said that drawing more craft vendors had been a special emphasis.

“There is seriously something for everybody” Pitzer said.

She highlighted the return of the Robinson Carving Co., which will be at work with their chain saws on Fifth Street.

“They ... are truly talented artists with these chainsaws. A little birdy also told me there will be a Bulldog done and auctioned off on Sunday at [the] small stage,” Pitzer said.

Another exciting feature of the weekend: a range of local musicians performing at the Colorfest main stage.

The variety of construction projects around Louisiana introduced some difficulties for organizers — thought Pitzer emphasized that the event was going forward thanks to the efforts of  people from across Louisiana

“This year was hard, not only for myself, but the city employees and city administrator. None of this would have been possible without them,” Pitzer said. “Please enjoy and have fun, I know this is not how it’s always been, but we truly tried our best this year and next year it’s going to be even better when we have Georgia Street back 100 percent.”

This year’s Colorfest theme winked to the projects kicking up dust around Louisiana, while looking forward to the day when the town can enjoy the fruits of those efforts.

“This years theme “Building a Better Tomorrow” was really a play on all that we are going through as a town. I truly hope the parade participants take this and run with it,” Pitzer said.

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