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Head coach Joe Chinn, facing camera, talks with Bobcat starters during a time out at the game against Louisiana. File photo by Stan Schwartz

Bobcats take down S. Callaway in 62-14 rollover

The S. Callaway Bulldogs probably regretted deferring to the Bobcats during the coin toss, but there’s little chance not giving Bowling Green first possession would have made a difference in the end on a cold and rainy night in South Callaway.

The Bobcats started out strong with their ground game, punching holes through the Bulldog’s defense. But then the Bulldogs started to shutdown the run, so No. 6, Dylan Dalton, took to the air connecting with No. 10, Gunnar Bryant, for the Bobcat’s first touchdown with 10:16 to go in the first quarter.

The 2-point conversion was good, putting the Bobcats ahead 8-0.

Once the Bulldogs had possession, they, too, started a ground game making some progress. The Bobcat defense started taking down the runners, stopping the ground game. The Bulldogs went to the air, but the pass was incomplete. Eventually, they turned over the ball on downs at the 50-yard line.

The Bobcat offense went right back to work, hammering against the Bulldogs line. On first down, they made a good run up the center, but it was called back because of a holding penalty. But that did little to slow the Bobcats. Dalton again connected with Bryant, who went down deep into Bulldog territory. A run by Marcus Starks on the first down was brought back by another holding penalty.

No. 33, Charlie Bowen, was up for the challenge, running the ball past the line of scrimmage and gaining another 4 yards. On the next play, Dalton, doing a quarterback keeper, broke several tackles to give Bowling Green its second touchdown. The 2-point conversion was no good, leaving the score, 14-0, with 6:45 to go in the quarter.

The Bulldogs tried another ground assault, but met with a tough Bobcat defense. They switched to the air, with a lateral toss and then a deep pass into the Bobcat secondary. Still, No. 9, Cooper Kiel, was able to bring down the receiver before he could get into the end zone.

With the Bulldogs on the 5-yard line, it looked as though the Bobcats were in for a tough game. It took all 4 downs to get the touch down. The kick after was good, putting the score 14-7.

An on-side kick worked for the Bulldogs when they regained possession of the ball. They were able to take advantage of the quick turnover, and after a short drive scored their second touchdown, with 1:30 left to go in the quarter. The extra point was good, tying up the game 14-14.

The Bobcats would not let that stand. Before the end of the quarter, the Bobcats had moved the ball down to the Bulldog 6-yard line.

At the start of the second quarter, it was first and goal for the Bobcats. Starks powered it down to the 1-foot line and then Dalton took it in for the touchdown on the next play. The 2-point conversion was called back because of a holding penalty and the next attempt was intercepted, but would have been called back because of another holding penalty. But the Bobcats went back into the lead with a score of 20-14.

The Bulldogs were making great progress on their next possession, but a personal foul penalty pushed them back across the 50-yard line. But they fought their way back getting another first down. But two plays later, Bryant intercepted the ball and ran it in for another Bobcat touchdown. The 2-point conversion was no good, putting the score at 26-14.

The Bulldogs’ offense was moving the ball down field, but a fumble put it back into the hands of the Bobcats with 1:10 to go in the half. The Bobcats capitalized quickly on the turnover with Dalton running from his own 34-yard line into Bulldog territory, pushed out at the 41-yard line. Just a few plays later, Dalton ran the ball in for another touchdown, with just over 30 seconds to go on the clock. The 2-point conversion was good, putting the score at 34-14 to finish out the half.

Try as they might, the Bulldogs were not able to score again, and the Bobcats kept scoring, making it their season high score—62 points.

“It was a great game,” said head coach Joe Chinn. “Our players came out and played well. South Callaway gave us all we wanted to start the game. And at one point we were tied at 14-14.

“Then our defense really came out and played great,” he added. “Gunner Bryant had a monster game. He caught two passes for receiving TD. He also had two interceptions for touchdowns and a blocked punt for a touchdown. Overall a great team effort to go back-to-back as conference champs!”

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