The unofficial results are in for yesterday’s day at the polls for Pike County residents.

Proposition P, which asked voters for a one-half of 1 percent sales tax to fund current and future operations and capital improvements of the Pike County Sheriff’s Department, failed by a vote of 775-745.

In Bowling Green, three aldermen seats were up for election. In Ward I, Diane Kirkpatrick was unopposed. In Ward II, Terry Burris ran unopposed. And in Ward III, Kim Luebrecht ran unopposed. All three were voted in for another 2-year term in office.

In Louisiana, four alderman seats were up for election. In Ward I, Nancy Evans ran unopposed. In Ward II, Joshua Mooney ran unopposed. In Ward III, Mike Sherman won against Nick Fregeau. And in Ward IV, Robert Ringhausen won against Delores Patrick. All four were voted in for a 1-year term in office.

Proposition One in Louisiana failed. The proposition asked voters to OK an increase in the general property tax this year and again in 2023 and then again 2025, which would eventually have increased the tax by $1 for every $100 of property value.

In Clarksville, Mayor Jo Anne Smiley was up for re-election. She ran unopposed and was voted in for another 2-year term. There was a write-in candidate that did receive four votes. Smiley won with 65 votes. Also in Clarksville, the South and North ward alderman positions were up for re-election. Angi Grossnickle ran unopposed for South Ward, and Robbert Howland defeated Sue Lindemann for the North Ward. Grossnickle and Howland will be serving 2-year terms.

The question for Curryville residents, asking to forgo annual elections if the number of candidates, who file for a particular office is equal to the number of positions in the office to be filled by that election. This question ended up in a deadlock with 3 votes yes and 3 votes no.

In Frankford, the voters said yes to a 2-year term for Mayor John Schindler. He was running unopposed. There was also an election for a councilperson at-large for two years and for an at-large position for 1 year. Glen Hickerson won against Eddie Heffner for the two-year office, and Susan Ellis ran unopposed.

In the Village of Eolia, Kathleleen Watson defeated John Burbridge for a spot on the Board of Trustees for two years.

In the Village of Paynesville, Lamont Davis defeated Stephen Eisele for a two-year term as trustee.

For the Pike County 911 Board, Eastern District, Thomas Beauchamp and Bill Sterne were elected. In the Western District, Richard Murray and Clarence Henke were elected.

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