Don Giltner

Don Giltner, left, is being sworn in by City Clerk Memarie Gonzales. Photo by Woodrow Polston

During a special council meeting last Monday night, Mayor Tim Carter announced his decision to appoint former Louisiana Mayor Don Giltner to the Ward II council seat that was vacated by Josh Mooney last month. The City Council unanimously approved the appointment, and Giltner was sworn in by City Clerk Memarie Gonzales. Citizens who were present at the meeting applauded the appointment and congratulated Giltner.

During the meeting, Carter also announced that he would be appointing Mary E. Weston as the city’s prosecuting attorney. Resolution 10-2022 for the appointment of city prosecutor was read by the mayor as follows: “Section one states city council of the City of Louisiana hereby consents to the appointment of prosecuting attorney by the mayor pursuant to section 115.310 of the code of ordinances and hereby authorizes the mayor to execute a contract for prosecuting attorney services with Mary Weston.”

Ward II Councilwoman Kiffany Ardeneuax made the motion to approve and Ward I Councilwoman Nancy Evans seconded. All voted in favor and the resolution passed.

Resolution 09-2022 was read and discussed. The resolution of the City of Louisiana authorizing the city administrator to execute an agreement with AA Cleaning and restoration LLC DBA SERVEPRO of Quincy, Ill., for the repair of the municipal library. Ardeneuax made a motion to approve, and Ward I Councilman Bill Suddarth seconded. The resolution passed unanimously.

Carter requested the council to authorize him to write a letter to the Rotary Club concerning the application of a grant for the concrete pad at Henderson Park. Ardeneuax made a motion to approve, and Evans seconded. All voted in favor of the request.

A motion was made to go into a closed session for the purpose of revised Missouri Statutes section 610.021. A motion was made by Ardeneuax and seconded by Giltner. All voted in favor. The council entered closed session at 6:15 p.m.

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