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Ready to Dance: Students sit for group dance. Photo by Stan Schwartz

Winter semi-formal provides funds for charity

BOWLING GREEN—About 30 students turned out to dance and socialize at the Bowling Green High School auditorium Saturday night.

About four years ago, the Student Council came up with idea of a Winter Formal dance, because normally we just have prom, but only juniors and seniors were invited, said Emily Woodhall. So, about four years ago the Student Council came up with the Winter Semi-formal, where students don’t have to wear prom dresses, but it is a dressier type of dance. There tend to be a lot of underclassmen at this dance she added.

“It’s sort of like a mini-prom,” Woodhall said. “Just not as fancy.” She was working the door, checking in the students as they came in, and later working the dance floor with her camera to capture some special moments in these students’ lives.

Woodhall said, proceeds from the dance go to charity. Last year, Ronald McDonald House received the funds. This year, they were slated to go to Heifer International, which works to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way by supporting and investing alongside local farmers and their communities.

Groups of students were steadily coming in to find out who else had decided to come. Woodhall made sure to capture each couple or group that came in for the Yearbook.

Inside the auditorium, groups of students were standing around listening to the music. DJ for the night was sixth grade science teacher Abby Hall. She was having as much fun spinning the records, or in this case, finding the digital song files. She was taking requests from the students, and that was the ticket to getting them out on the dance floor. She had tried a few slow songs at firs to see if any of the couples would start out dancing, but did not have much luck.

The first big dance draw was “The Cupid Shuffle,” where most of the students came out on the floor to line up and participate.

Even BGHS Principal Scott Mullins got into the groove, by trying to get the students to dance. 

The Winter Semi-Formal might not have happened at all, said assistant band director Gannon Craig. Earlier in the week there had not been much interest.

“We weren’t sure this was going to happen,” he said. “It was on the fence this week, and then we got an email Thursday that said the dance was on.”

Even if the students just stood around and talked with each other all night, he thought it was a win. The auditorium was a nice environment for them to hang out and relax a bit.

One dance surprised most of the adults in the room: “Fishin’ In the Dark” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Students ran to the middle of the auditorium and sat on the floor with their legs extended across to a partner. From there it was mostly hand movements going along with the lyrics to the song about a couple finding love on a fishing trip. Earlier, two young ladies did all the dance moves made famous from the movie and song “Footloose.”

Most of the students were having a great time dancing with each other and taking hundreds of selfies.

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