Clarksville – Clarksville City Council passed a more $500,000 budget for the city’s 2019-2020 fiscal year at its regular June meeting.

“The challenges for local government are present every day,” Mayor Joanne Smiley told the council in a prepared statement. “‘Its time to prepare next year’s budget’ is a challenging phrase that sends shivers down the spine of Clarksville officials and employees.”

Smiley said the budget generally reflected a continuation of the status quo, with the city managing to avoid serious cuts affiliated with spending pressures, including a decline in the number of people using city water hook-ups.

The budget was passed unanimously.

Other business before the council included flooding clean-up.

“We’re just, day-by-day, trying. Its not going fast, but its not going to go fast,” Smiley said of the cleaning efforts of the city’s Streets and Maintenance Department.

Clarksville residents looking for help getting their property in order can swing by City Hall, where there are cleaning supplies donated by the Red Cross and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance through the First Presbyterian Church of Louisiana.

Jay Ayers, the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Louisiana and the First Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green, said that they had accepted hundreds of cleaning kits. They planned to distribute them to other sites in the region and hold any extra in reserve for future bouts of flooding.

In closed session the council discussed continued efforts to find a location for a water tower.

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