BG Swimming Pool

The pool is full and  ready to go, but it might not open. Photo by Stan Schwartz

Pool might open and ball fields could see use


BOWLING GREEN—For those who have seen activity in and around the town’s  Municipal Swimming Pool, there’s a possibility the pool will open this summer.

“But it’s only a slight chance,” said City Administrator Linda Luebrecht. She explained that an individual came forward with the offer to manage the pool and is in the process of getting lifeguards lined up to work, should the governor’s office give the OK for municipal pools to open.

The pool was cleaned and filled in preparation for opening.

Luebrecht said they didn’t want to be playing catch up, should they get the OK to open the pool. It was better to be prepared to open right away, she added, than to try and put all the pieces into place after the fact.

The city also received a number of slightly used bleachers to replace the worn out ones in the city park ball fields.

She noted that the city covered half the cost of the bleachers and the Khory League paid for half.

“And then Khory League was canceled,” she said. But at least the bleachers will be in place once the ball fields are allowed to open again for sanctioned games.

Luebrecht said some of the Bowling Green bleachers are still serviceable and would continue to be used.

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