Pool to Open

City Pool scheduled to open on Memorial Day weekend. File photo by Stan Schwartz

BOWLING GREEN—The Bowling Green Board of Aldermen voted recently to add more electric outlets in the city’s upper and lower park areas for when there are events with vendors. According to City Administrator Linda Luebrecht, the $22,700 bid from Christian Electrical Contractors LLC was approved. She noted that the outlets would be close to the park’s walkways.

Also, the Bowling Green Municipal Airport’s main hangar will be getting an electrical upgrade. A bid of $5,918 from Christian Electrical Contracts LLC was approved during the last meeting. The work would be done on main hanger and fixed base of operations, Luebrecht said. “We are separating these two so they will be kept individually.”

The city has finished both water and sewer projects related to Locust and North Main Cross. The next step, she said, is paving those two streets and Lee Street. The bid of $391,010.79 from Mid Rivers Asphalt was approved by the aldermen. A pre-construction meeting, she noted, was being held to go over items with engineer and contractor.

“We will hopefully have a date for this to take place very soon. Locust has been in very bad shape for an extremely long time. We are very happy that this is going to take place sooner rather than later,” Luebrecht said. She did add that all paving for Locust/North Main Cross and Lee streets would be done by July 30.

“There are some things that need to be done prior to the actual paving, such as dirt and or rock backfill, etc.”

And for those residents who have been waiting patiently for something to be done about Court Street, the aldermen voted to repave this street. They cashed in a CD in order to do this. The aldermen approved quote of $188,696.94 with an 18-inch shoulder for an additional $8,450 from Mid Rivers Asphalt.

Luebrecht said that most likely one lane would be done at a time from Champ Clark Drive all the way to the intersection with Bus. 61 and Rt. 161 and from Locust to North Main Cross to Bus. 61.

The city’s pool would also be opening again this summer. Rebecca Grummel is coming back as the manager. She took on the responsibility last year when the board decided to keep management local.

Most likely, Luebrecht said, there will be two manager/lifeguards. All the lifeguards have been interviewed as of last week, but no one has been officially hired.

The pool, however, will open at noon, Saturday, May 29. But unlike last year, this year there will be a full concession stand. Chairs and lounge chairs will be provided. No outside coolers or chairs can be brought in. And no outside drinks or food will be allowed either.

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