Library Director

Pat Moore, right, stands with library board member, Anita Orf. Photo by Stan Schwartz

COVID restrictions cut into in-person visits to the library

BOWLING GREEN—Library Director Pat Moore said she was looking for the 10-person rule to be lifted, so they could resume more normal operations at the Bowling Green Library, but in the meantime they are working within the guidelines of set forth by the health department and the CDC for those who want to visit the library.

Their summer reading program was done virtually, with a sixth grader reading to the younger children, she said.

“And then they could come in to pick up craft supplies,” she added.

But the big news is that the library is joining a consortium of Missouri libraries this December, she said. “It’s called Missouri Evergreen,” Moore said. And in preparation for it, Moore has been doing a lot of prep work for the program. Training dates for the new program are set, and the library will be closed during those times.

Once the program has started, she explained, all the books for the consortium will show up in the Bowling Green Library’s card catalog.

“Patrons will have access to over 3 million books and items,” she said. “It doesn’t do the e-reader type thing,” Moore added, but people can go online and get any book, movie, music, or whatever and check them out from home or anyplace.

Moore said it doesn’t go live until Thursday, Dec. 3.

“We’ve had to rebarcode every item in the library,” she said. Apparently, he barcodes they were using were too short. In addition, they will be upgrading all the patron library cards, also with new barcodes.

Moore said they’re hoping to get the rest of their normally programs back up and running as soon as the restrictions are lifted on gatherings of more than 10.

“In the meantime, we might come up with some crafts that they can take home and do for Halloween,” she said. They also do craft nights for adults.

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