Clarksville water tower map

A map showing the optioned site for the water tower (in orange) and the old site of the reservoir.

CLARKSVILLE – The Clarksville Board of Alderman heard the broad outline how its new water tower will come to be at its Aug. 22 board meeting.

Mark Bross, Clarksville’s city engineer, told the board that he was preparing to submit permits for the project. The project should be bid out by end of this year, Bross said, and completed by the end of the next year.

An option has been signed for a site southwest of downtown Clarksville down Kentucky Street.

The board also heard concerns about how this year’s flooding was handled, touching once again on early decisions about where official floodfighting efforts should be concentrated.

“I feel like there was a real break-down in emergency management, from city limit sign to city limit sign,” Bill Sterne, a volunteer floodfighter and Clarksville resident, told the board.

Speaking later in the meeting, on the prospect of a county-wide disaster recovery program, Mayor Jo Anne Smiley reflected on the city’s level of preparedness.

“When they told us the water was coming, we needed to kick into gear, and we didn’t quite have our act together to kick into gear as fast as we should have, could have,” Smiley said. “We in Clarksville have got to keep our emergency management committee, team, whatever you want to call it, updated.”

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