BOWLING GREEN – The board responsible for public funding for services for people with developmental disabilities in Pike County took a first look at the  organization’s strategic direction at a meeting on Aug. 20.

The Sen. Bill 40 Board — named after the legislation that allowed the creation of the county-level organizations — approved the draft strategic plan presented to them by Executive Director Pete Breting.

The plan calls for the Board and its staff to consider a series of new services for the county, including a pet therapy program, a “SibShops” support program for siblings of people with developmental disabilities and expanded transportation options for people traveling to the programming funded by the board. Breting also recommended in the plan that the board consider linking some funding to outcomes picked by the board. Agencies funded by the board include the Pike Sheltered Workshop and Ruth Jensen Village.

Also at last month’s meeting, Breting mooted the possibility of adopting a more descriptive name for the board for its day-to-day business. Citing the history associated with the name and the familiarity built up among county residents over the years, board members declined to do so.

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