Arico sworn in

Jim Arico, left, is sworn in as Bowling Green’s new mayor by City Administrator Linda Luebrecht. Photo by Stan Schwartz

BOWLING GREEN—Jim Arico was sworn in as the new mayor for Bowling Green on Monday during the Board of Aldermen meeting.

In addition to Arico, three aldermen were sworn in. All four men had been voted into office during the June 5 election.

Arico got right to work, taking over from outgoing Mayor Don Hunter. He asked Rev. Henry Ussher from St. Clement Parish and Pastor Cole Branstetter from the  Church of the Nazarene to give prayer at the start of his service to the community.

His first order of business was to oversee the election of an acting board president. Ward II Alderman Terry Burris was elected to the post.

Arico asked the council’s help with three items he wanted to work on: one was establishing a community unity meeting to bring together people for a roundtable discussion on race relations. He attended the rally in Bowling Green Park on June 7 that brought racism to the front of open conversation; two he asked to establish a beautification day once a month to help clean up various parts of the city—possibly the last Saturday of each month; and three, he would like to expand the current recycling program with the help of Mark Twain Solid Waste Management.

He also wanted to start a monthly column to open up another line of communication with the people of Bowling Green. See his first column on this page.

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