2020 Applefest Parade

Applefest kicked off with a huge parade. Photo by Stan Schwartz

CLARKSVILLE—It was that first siren that signaled the start of the Applefest parade down Hwy. 79 through the center of town and out past the Apple Shed that brought a myriad of smiles from young and old.

Candy was flying and children were scurrying to quickly pick it up as the parade slowly made its way down the road. The smell of tasty barbecue and grilled meat was wafting through the air as people lined the street and gathered in front of the food trucks for something great to eat.

Inside the Apple Shed several vendors had set up, most offering crafts to help decorate one’s home for the holidays. Food was available everywhere you turned.

Not many towns have been able to hold their annual festivals because of the COVID-19 restrictions recommended by the CDC. Throughout town and inside the Apple Shed there were numerous signs reminding people to social distance and wear masks when they could.

It was a warm October day. The sun was shining and the atmosphere had everyone in a great mood to enjoy the events of the day.

After the parade, people started mingling, just happy to be out and about again. There were vendors lining the street by the Apple Shed and Bankhead’s Fruits and Vegetables had set up a big pumpkin sales area.

Judging by all the smiles, it was evident the festival was having a positive effect on all those who came to participate.

In town, by the riverfront, the American Legion was serving up its famous barbecue. The vendors selling ice cream were doing great business, especially after the temperature climbed into the 80s.

At 1 p.m., the annual Baby Show started. For the results and photos, see Page ??

Earlier in the week, Thursday, Oct. 8 the 2020 Applefest Queen contest was held at the Clarksville American Legion. Malia Harrison from Louisiana was named the 2020 Applefest queen. She helped host the baby competition. Helping her was 2020 Applefest Junior Queen Alannah Tapley of Elsberry.

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