LOUISIANA – Louisiana’s long-enduring core of Odd Fellows were recognized at an event last month.

Four Louisiana Odd Fellows along with their partners attended a luncheon at China Restaurant hosted by the Grand Lodge of Missouri on Tuesday, June 11. Hosts were Gene Collins, deputy grand warden, his wife Dixie Collins, Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary Kenneth D. Higgins. Louisiana members in attendance included Otis A. Madden, member since 1990, Rick Henry, member since 1967, Don Ince, member since 1963 and Robert Kily, member since 1946.


They were joined by Joyce Henry, wife of Rick Henry, Mary Lou Ince, wife of Don Ince, and Delores Blackwell, guest of Robert Kilby.

When Louisiana Evening Star Lodge No. 28 closed in 2005 approximately 20 members joined the Grand Lodge of Missouri. The only four members still living are the four in attendance.

The highlight of the luncheon was when Deputy Grand Warden Collins presented Robert Kilby with a 70-year jewel in honor of his long membership.

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