Joe Biden won every Pike County precinct, but his margin varied from a blow-out to the northwestern precinct containing Frankford to a squeaker in the precinct containing Curryville.  Red precincts gave an above-average portion of their vote to Biden; blue precincts gave an above- average share of their vote to Sanders. Precincts are scaled by the number of ballots cast.

Pike County — and, it transpired, every other county in Missouri — turned out in a big way for former Vice-President Joe Biden in the state’s Tuesday, March 10 primary election.

Biden beat Sanders by more than two-to-one in Pike County, getting 721 votes (66 percent) to 308 (28 percent) for Bernie Sanders.

President Donald Trump ran effectively unopposed in the Republican primary, earning all but 15 of 1,002 Republican ballots cast.


A comparison of the number of votes cast in the democratic and republican primary in each precinct. The party with the larger, outer circle received more votes.

Overall, slightly more democratic than republican ballots were picked up by Pike Countians. In the last race with a contested democratic contest and an uncontested Republican contest in 2004, Democrats outvoted Republicans 1,082 to 162. The close result tracks with unusually high levels of turnout Trump has inspired throughout the primary season — as well as a long-term trend in Pike County away from the Democratic party. In 2008, with competitive races on both sides of the aisle, 2,309 Democratic ballots against 1,421 Republican ballots were cast. In 2012, with a democratic incumbent, Republicans led 671 to 181. In 2016, with a pair of competitive elections, 2,684 Republican ballots were picked up to 1,159 Democratic ballots.

The democratic margin was highest along the Mississippi River and along the western border of Pike County.

Sanders did best in the low-vote precinct including Curryville, where he trailed Biden by just one vote. It was also his closest precinct in 2016.

Across Pike County in 2016 Sanders had about 41 percent of the vote. Statewide, he lost to former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton by less than a half-of-a-percent. Again in 2020 Pike County Democrats proved more skeptical of Sanders than democrats elsewhere in the state, giving him 28 percent of the vote against 34.6 percent statewide.


Votes cast last Tuesday as a percentage of registered voters. Darker green means a higher level of turnout.

Candidates other than Biden, Sanders and Trump struggled to gain traction. The democratic ballot was filled with candidates who had dropped out in the weeks and month leading up to the contest. Among those candidates, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg led with 17 votes, followed by Amy Klobuchar with 11.

One vote was cast for a Green party candidate, and four were cast for Constitution Party candidates.


Spencer TU (Curryville Presbyterian):

60 votes/460 registered (13%)

Biden 12 (48%) vs. Sanders 11 (44%)

25 Democratic ballots vs. 35 Republican

Ashley NO/Hartford PQ (Ashley Comm. Ctr.):

128 votes/913 registered (14%)

Biden 44 (75%) vs. Sanders (14%)

59 Democratic ballots vs. 69 Republican

Buffalo B (Louisiana N. / Elks Lodge)

118 votes/618 registered (19%)

Biden 50 (63%) vs. Sanders (30%)

79 Democratic ballots vs. 39 Republican

Buffalo C (Louisiana E. / Elks Lodge)

133 votes/701 registered (19%)

Biden 46 (55%) vs. Sanders 34 (41%)

83 Democratic ballots vs. 50 Republican

Buffalo D (Louisiana W. / American Legion)

143 votes/859 registered (17%)

Biden 58 (68%) vs. Sanders (24%)

85 Democratic ballots vs. 58 Republican

Buffalo E (Louisiana S. / American Legion)

180 votes/1,211 registered (15%)

Biden 74 (69%) vs. Sanders 30 (28%)

108 Democratic ballots vs. 72 Republican

Calumet F (Clarksville Vol. Fire Dept.)

142 votes/590 registered (24%)

Biden 57 (74%) vs. Sanders 17 (22%)

77 Democratic ballots vs. 63 Republican

Cuivre JL (Bowling Green S. / Nazarene)

338 votes/1352 registered (25%)

Biden 106 (65%) vs. Sanders 53 (33%)

162 Democratic ballots vs. 176 Republican

Cuivre K (Bowling Green N.E. / Comm. Ctr.)

208 votes/1,121 registered (19%)

Biden 65 (68%) vs. Sanders 26 (27%)

95 Democratic ballots vs. 112 Republican

Cuivre M (Bowling Green N.W. / Lutheran)

153 votes/913 registered (17%)

Biden 53 (65%) vs. Sanders 25 (30%)

82 Democratic ballots vs. 70 Republican

Indian RS (New Harmony Christian Church)

66 votes/403 registered (16%)

Biden 20 (65%) vs. Sanders 8 (26%)

31 Democratic ballots vs. 35 Republican

Peno V (Frankford Community Building)

146 votes/694 registered (21%)

Biden 66 (78%) vs. Sanders 14 (16%)

85 Democratic ballots vs. 75 Republican

Prarieville I (Eolia Community Center)

200 votes/704 registered (28%)

Biden 53 (66%) vs. Sanders 22 (28%)

80 Democratic ballots vs. 120 Republican

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