Nicole Galloway

Auditor Nicole Galloway (D-Columbia)

Auditor Nicole Galloway is heralding the news that the CEO of a small north-Missouri hospital will be held accountable for over $90 million in alleged suspicious insurance payments uncovered by her office.

The CEO was charged Friday and pleaded guilty Monday.

The 15-bed county hospital in Unionville in Putnam County was audited in 2017. Galloway’s office reported that substantial holes had opened up in the hosptal’s finances after the board signed an operating agreement with a private health care company. The audit was part of  a series plumbing the finances of rural health care facilities.

The audit referred its findings, which suggested that the hospital’s new CEO might be participating in billing fraud and self-dealing, to Missouri’s public corruption unit.

According to a release put out by Galloway’s office, the finding is the largest fraud ever discovered by the state auditors office.

“This all began with our audit of a small county-owned hospital. Our work helped expose a nationwide conspiracy that led to these federal criminal charges,” Galloway said. “Health care fraud impacts costs for all Missourians and underscores the importance of holding those responsible accountable. Over the past two years, my office has worked with law enforcement throughout the nation to ensure that those responsible for these crimes are punished.”

Graves: opposes “sham impeachment charade"


Rep. Sam Graves (R-Tarkio) responded last week to news that the democratic majority in Congress would be pursing impeachment of President Donald Trump in no uncertain terms.

“Since the failed Mueller investigation, the liberal majority in Congress has dedicated all of their time to taking down President Trump. Instead of focusing on important things like ratifying the USMCA [the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, a Trump-backed trade deal] and passing an infrastructure package, Nancy Pelosi and her caucus have brought everything to a grinding halt over this political game,” Graves said in the statement. “There are plenty of things that Congress needs to be doing; this definitely isn’t one of them. I strongly oppose this sham impeachment charade.”

Parson will visit Mexico, Mo.


Gov. Mike Parson will visit Mexico, Mo. on Wednesday, Oct. 2, to tour two factories: Zenith Aircraft Company and Fluid Power Support.

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