Gov. Mike Parson will try to return to the Governor’s office in 2020, he announced at an event in Bolivar, Mo., Sunday.

Parson spoke on his background and focused on what he characterized as the threat of the “extreme left,” which he said was beginning to infiltrate politics in Missouri.  Below is an excerpt of his remarks:

“Elections are about choices. We are at a critical moment in our history, with two very obvious paths we can go down.

We can go down a path of changing who we are by embracing radical ideas, and turning back against the progress we’ve been making.

We can enact more regulations, increase taxes, make Jefferson City more powerful, and give it more of our money.

Or we can continue on the path we have started. We can continue to bring jobs to this state. We can continue to improve our workforce. Continue to work on education and infrastructure.

We can do all of this with a servant’s heart and the American values on which we were all raised. Love of country. Love of family. Christian faith. Common sense. And conservative principles.”

His remarks were briefly interrupted by protestors from a healthcare advocacy group.

Parson was elected Lt. Gov. in 2018 and advanced to the governor’s mansion after then-Gov. Eric Greitens resigned. So far, a state representative, Jim Neely, has launched a campaign for the republican nomination and Democratic Auditor Nicole Galloway looks set to challenge Parson in the general election. Galloway’s campaign issued a statement in response to Parson’s entry into the race:

“Missouri families can’t afford four more years of Governor Parson. Nearly 100,000 kids have lost their health coverage, rural hospitals continue to close, school districts are going to four-day weeks, and gun violence is ripping our communities apart. This Governor is out of answers, except to deliver for the well-connected insiders who get what they want while Missouri families continue to struggle. There is no better example than this week’s special session for special interests. We need a new way. I look forward to holding the Governor accountable on the issues.”

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