Rocheport Bridge

The Rocheport Bridge over the Missouri River. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Compiled for the Louisiana Press-Journal and the Bowling Green Times

WASHINGTON, DC – North Missouri’s congressional delegation and Gov. Mike Parson welcomed the news Monday that Missouri would get millions of dollars for completion of a bridge project.

Replacing the four-lane bridge over the Missouri River at Rocheport, Mo., would have been a substantial burden on the budget of the budget of the Missouri Department of Transportation.

The approval of an $81.2 million INFRA grant from the federal government will allow the agency to spend on other projects.

Treasurer launches new disaster recovery program

SPRINGFIELD – Small businesses and farms damaged by flooding and other recent disasters may be able to get help from a new project of Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick.

The program is called LIFT: the Linked Deposits to Invest and Fund a Timely Recovery. It aims to provide capital in the form of low-interest loans for businesses and farms that might struggle to remain in operation after the disaster.

It is available in counties where a federal emergency has been declared, including Pike County. More  information about the program can be found only at

Hawley speech attacks ‘cosmopolitanism’

WASHINGTON DC – At a conference on “national conservatism” in Washington D.C. Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley gave a widely noticed speech attacking what he characterized as the failures of “cosmopolitanism” — an elite political consensus with a grip in both political parties:

“Because who now listens to the American middle? The cosmopolitan agenda has driven both left and right.

The Left champions multiculturalism and degrades our common identity. The Right celebrates hyper-globalization and promises that the market will make everything right in the end, eventually … perhaps.

In truth, neither political party has seemed much interested in the American middle for quite a long time. And neither has seemed much interested in the republic the middle sustains.

But the old political platforms have grown stale. And the old political truisms now ring hollow. The American people are demanding something different, and something better.

It’s time we ended the cosmopolitan experiment and recovered the promise of the republic,” The speech read in part.

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