It is unclear what compels some motorists to drive along our many gravel county roads in excess of 20-25 mph. Many reasons occur as to why motorists should slow down.

Rock roads are much harder on tires than paved surfaces, even at lower speeds. The crushed limestone gravel is very hard and can have sharp edges, which promotes punctures and separation of steel radial belts and plies, causing flats to occur. Any of the excellent mechanics at local repair shops will tell you this.

Driving faster than necessary makes tires wear even faster. As tread depth decreases, failures increase.

Driving rock roads faster raises lots of dust, which coats and corrodes your vehicle and coats your neighbors’ homes and property,

It is easier to lose traction and control on curves and when braking, even at lower speeds, which can result in vehicle damage, damage to others’ vehicles, injuries, even loss of life.

No. 4 gets worse as speeds increase.

Pike County is a beautiful area, and much easier to enjoy and see with less dust. Please slow down, minimize flats and skids, and worse, in the process.

—Patrick Chassaing

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