Pike County Sheriff’s Report

A detective with the Pike County Sheriff's Office issued a press release Wednesday warning about a scam reported by a resident of Pike County.


The Pike County Sheriff’s Office [recently] took a fraud report from victim who is a local citizen.  The victim reported he was contacted by a person who stated they were calling for a member of the victim’s family who had been in an accident and sustained serious injuries.  

The victim was contacted again stating the person identified himself as a lawyer appointed by the court as a public defender and the victim’s family member was going to be arrested if bond money was not provided.

The victim provided an address located in Camden, New Jersey, where the victim was to mail the $2,500.00.

This is an ongoing scam. If you receive a phone call such as this, verify with other family members before sending any money. The caller may call several times and may indicate the urgency of obtaining the money. The caller may also keep you on the phone while you obtain a Green Dot card, iTunes card or in this case, cash.

This office has also taken calls from citizens who have received calls where they are being told their social security number will be suspended due to suspicious activity. The caller will then ask for your personal information.

Also, people are receiving calls from people identifying themselves as technical support for Microsoft and need to access your computer. If this occurs, hang up and if you feel it may be legit, contact a reputable computer repair store and have them look at it.

Always verify before sending any money to anyone you don’t know. Check with several, not just one or two family members to verify another family member is hurt.  If nothing else, obtain the name of the hospital and location, look for the number yourself and contact the hospital for verification.  

If any law enforcement agency is looking for you, they will never ask for Green Dot, iTunes or other type of debit card number. If they are looking for you, you will receive a letter or an officer will be knocking on your door.  

If you ever receive a phone call and you are suspicious of it, get as much information you can, [including the] name of caller, phone number and location and contact your local police or sheriff’s office.

Prepared by Detective David Carroll

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