Clarksville building flooding

Flood waters right up to the city's sandbags during this year's flooding.

A federal grant announced Friday puts Clarksville closer to the portable flood wall that city leaders hope to install along the city's riverfront.

The grant for $695,310 was approved by the federal Economic Development Administration and announced by Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. The grant will have to be matched by $14,190 in local funding and is expected to produce $2.5 million in economic activity, per a release put out by the Department of Commerce.

The application was prepared by the Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments on behalf of the City of Clarksville.

Reached by phone Friday afternoon, Clarksville Mayor Jo Anne Smiley said she had heard that the grant had been awarded that morning, and asked for time to acquaint herself with the details of the decision before commenting further.

See next week's issue of the Louisiana Press-Journal for a full story.

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